What is Good Health ?


Good Health Can Be Categorized Into Three

Social, Physical, Mental.

  • Nutrition. A well balanced diet with regular exercise can Make a person Happy, fit and Ensures Protection from various health risks. Living a sedentary lifestyle can invoke feelings of fatigue, Depression, Lethargy, etc. A diet Full of refined, unhealthy and poor Physical health means how well your body is in terms of fitness, Diet and food choices Can lead to Several health risks such as high cholesterol, Increase in blood sugar, Obesity, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes,etc. Exercise Tones the body and keeps us in Shape, Enhances energy levels and Makes us active. It is recommended to do some moderate exercise such as walking, cycling, cleaning, Cooking or playing a game for atleast 30 mins to 120 mins everyday, or 15 mins of vigorous Exercise is Good enough. Practice It Regularly                                                                                 
  • Mental Health Is The most important and prominent issue nowadays, Since alot of people seem to Neglect it. Mental health Is associated with feelings of Frustration, Aggression, depression, Anxiety, Stress, Suicidal Thoughts, etc. To keep this short, Doing calming and self care activities can help reduce these negative Feelings. Meditation, Yoga, Or even a simple walk outdoors can help As a stress reliever. I Too struggle with depression.. It really helps to talk to a close friend about all this. Bottling up emotions is Never a good thing. Write it down or tell someone.. And try to cheer yourself up dont let it rot within you.
  • Social health Relates to relationships and How we socialize with others. Healthy and positive relationships can affect out health.. Abusive and toxic relationships Should be Dealt with and Avoided. Surround yourself with positive people who make you feel wanted and at ease. Compare a Person who lives in the slums or in a polluted uncivilized Area to a person who lives with kind caring people and Nice friends.. Their behaviors wont be the same.

**this is just how i define good health..it may be different to others.